COVID-19 Roofing Procedures

Our First Priority is Safety For You, The Customer, Our Roofing Companies and Their Crews

Our First Priority is Safety For You, The Customer, Our Roofing Companies and Their Crews


Class A Roofing Consultants offers over the phone discussions to find out what your needs and wants are as the customer. Once these have been identified, Class A Roofing Consultants will dispatch one of our professional certified Duro-Last® roofers to evaluate your building or home. The contractor will call you to schedule access to the roof to measure and verify what solutions your building/home needs. On the day of your appointment, the contractor will notify you via phone or text message when he arrives to assess the roof and when his assessment is complete. Most roofs are accessible from the exterior of the building. If the contractor needs to access the roof from inside the building, he will take all necessary precautions that the CDC recommends for cleaning, disinfecting and distancing.


Once we have obtained all of the necessary information to price your roof, we will contact you to offer several options to resolve your roofing issues. The estimates for your roofing solutions will be electronically sent over with information on the Duro-Last® Roofing System and local certified roofing contractor.


We are offering electronic signatures through DocuSign or other electronic means of the signature so there is no need for contact. If you prefer a mailed copy, we are happy to send a paper version. Once a contract has been signed, your project will be put into the lineup in the order it was received. We will keep in contact with you as the dates either move forward or backward due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, increased scopes on other projects, and worker availability).


Our contractors will provide their own portable toilet. Access outside of the building will ensure little to no contact with you and your staff. Our Duro-Last® certified roofing contractor will give you his foreman, estimator, and office phone numbers if a situation arises during installation. The contractor will also provide his own power source to run the equipment. The roofing installers have been prepared and trained on the procedures for cleaning and distancing per the CDC's recommendations.


Upon completion, a Duro-Last® Technical Representative will come and inspect the installation. The roofer is to meet him at the job site to fix anything the Duro-Last® Roofing inspector finds at that time. An electronic warranty will then be issued. The roofing contractor will forward you the warranty for execution.


Our Duro-Last® contractors accept various forms of payment. In order to ensure the safety of you and your staff, the contractor can send you instructions on how to wire the funds to his bank or you can send a check. Note: Some contractors accept credit cards.